What an exciting time. 

10 days to go! Who would have thought this time would go so fast and that so much would happen!  There has been so much to do to make this what we had envisaged.  The seminars in particular are something we worked had on as we felt it a great benefit to all those who give back to the sport in particular!  We love all those volunteers! We see so many people at regattas and often it is familiar faces there each morning early and when the sun goes down.

Seminars at the Sydney Sailboat Expo:

Topics include: Yachting Australia Questions and Answers, Association Master Classes, School Sailing with Martin Pryor, Racing Rules with Jeremey Atkinson, Safety around Small Boats with Kingsley Forbes-Smith, Are you or your offspring Olympian Sailing Material with Ian Brown? Plus Using electronics / Internet / GPS / simulators to go the right way faster and learn on and off the water.

Saturday Timetable now available!

Sunday Timetable now available!

 Seminars by Sports Community

Social Media- Learn how to create effective social media strategies using the most appropriate social media tools to achieve club goals and objectives

Fundraising – Attendees will be introduced to the latest fundraising ideas for clubs, covering traditional fundraising favourites while looking at new and easy ways to raise significant funds for your club

The Importance of Goal Setting – In this session, participants will learn why planning and goal setting is important for clubs, how to assist clubs with simple goal setting processes and how to help clubs to ensure they deliver on their objectives

Club Culture – Learn about the power of a positive club culture and how to create the culture of volunteering at your club






Social Media






The Importance of Goal Setting



Club Culture

For more on Sports Community visit their website: sportscommunity.com.au


  • Visit the H2O Academy to get some feedback on your hiking style and wave technique. For the kids, jump in an Optimist and learn the basics of sailing on the H2O Optimist Sailing Simulator.
  • Splicing Workshop – brought to you byDeckHardware the Australian Distributor of Liros Ropes.
  • Middle Harbour Yacht Club Sailing Simulator will be in action throughout the Sydney Sailboat Expo.  Jump aboard and give it a go!
  • North Sails Clinic – Details coming soon!

I am so grateful to all those who have sent me messages of support and helped me out on this journey.  My mum Robyn and I have been working so hard to get to this point and we could not have done it without your encouragement particularly when it gets tough to balance the Sydney Sailboat Expo whilst still running DeckHardware.

Thank you to all those who have posed with the signs too!

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I have been trying hard to make sure despite being so busy that I still get out and go for a walk or do some pilates to recharge.  So important to keep the momentum going!  Views like this make it even better:

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Now let’s hope for some kind weather and a great time at the very first Sydney Sailboat Expo!  Don’t forget if you want to volunteer at the Sydney Sailboat Expo please let me know!


Fitness and an Expo

My training partner Cate and I in the rain making it count.
My training partner Cate and I in the rain making it count.

Well if I haven’t been working I have been working out!  That is the story of the last month! Lots of gym time doing Aqua and Pilates Reformer which has seen a massive improvement in my core.  Then throw in walking Long Reef once or twice a week with my training partners too! I am absolutely loving it and just have to be careful not to over do it as I just want to do more.  The last three days have been big ones including supporting a friend of mine doing the Pub to Pub which I want to do next year.  Just one of the many fitness goals I have now that I am getting the Hyper Mobility under control.

The Sydney Sailboat Expo has also taken up a great deal of my time as you can imagine.  It is such an exciting journey and I can’t wait to put it all together to celebrate the sport of Sailing.  Between the Expo and DeckHardware there is no such thing as a day off at the moment but I am finding time for plenty of workouts to make sure I am at my best for everything I am doing.  It is a challenge but I am enjoying it and lucky that I am able to work the flexible times to try to fit it all in.  With the visits to the Physio and Massage also needed to keep me going thanks to my extra special joints.

Summer is just around the corner and the Calendar is filling up fast between all the events I want to do as an Umpire and events that DeckHardware will be supporting.  I can’t wait to get out on the water again.  Having winter off to get all the joints under control has worked wonders and I am really starting to notice a big difference in my overall fitness and health.  I can’t wait for summer and might just have to get out for a sail too!



My kitten who is 10 months old helping me work on the weekend.
My kitten who is 10 months old helping me work on the weekend.


This makes the hard work of getting to the top all worth it.
This makes the hard work of getting to the top all worth it.

Back to taking it easy

I did it well and truly this past week. Just doing normal every day things I managed to put my back out of alignment… This happens when I am weak from exercise and not able to support my joints as much as I need to. It is a tricky situation as to be strong enough to hold myself together I do have to spend time at the gym weakening my muscles to get stronger… As a result I now have a sprained back.

So this past week has seen me able to do very little the first few days. I am now back to walking in the pool at a slow pace and hope to be able to get back into Pilates this coming week as I miss it! The good news is it has been longer this time since I last did it which means all the hard work is paying off and I am improving. I just wish it wouldn’t happen at all! Two trips to the Physio in one week is more than enough!

Lucky for me this weekend is a Long Weekend so I can focus on taking it easy and repairing slowly. This really is so hard to do as I would love nothing better than to go to the gym for a good two hours or even a sail in some good breeze. Instead it is the little things once more that count…

Enjoy the Long Weekend those who have one. Lets hope the recovery time sees me stronger on the other side.

Yes I am Hypermobile

This morning I visited the Royal North Shore Hospital to get a little more on paper about my Hyper-mobility.  Up until recently I have been relying on my physio to tell me what it is that is the problem.  However my doctor wanted a little more information before looking into treatment and management of Hyper-mobility.   So the good news is I do have Benign Hyper Mobility which is what we thought.  The other great news is at this stage it looks like I do not have any of the major side affects.  I guess you are wondering what it is?

“Benign hypermobility joint syndrome — or BHJS — is a common source of joint or muscle complaints by children and young adults. Benign hypermobility describes looseness of joints that may be associated with daytime pain, nighttime awakening, or discomfort after exercise. People with the condition generally report prolonged pain. In the past, this type of general pain often was called “growing pains” or “limb pain,” which can be similar. Both, though, are different disorders. The term “benign” has been used to differentiate the BHJS from other similar disorders that also involve other organs such as the eyes and heart.

 How Is Benign Hypermobility Joint Syndrome Diagnosed?

Assessment of children or young adults suspected of having BHJS does not require special equipment. Testing the range of motion of your child’s joints will determine if they are more loose than normal. Several specific mobility tests are used for diagnosing BHJS, including:

  • The wrist and thumb can be moved downward so the thumb touches the forearm.
  • The little fingers can be extended back beyond 90 degrees.
  • When standing, the knees are abnormally bowed backward when viewed from the side.
  • When fully extended, the arms bend further than normal (beyond straight.)
  • When bending at the waist, with the knees straight, the child or adult can put his or her palms flat on the floor.”  linky for this info

Where to next?

So from here the next step is to keep going as normal.  Lots of pilates and physio which unfortunately come at a cost which is hard when working for a small family business.  Plus now I can speak to my doctor about how to better manage the pain side of it.  The Fatigue is an interesting side affect also.  I am hopeful that as ALL of my muscles get stronger through Pilates it will help with the fatigue that I sometimes feel.   It is good to know that some of the things I have come across over the years were indeed all side affects of the Hyper Mobility including my low blood pressure and dizzy feelings when I was a teenager.  People used to laugh when I would eat salt!  Guess I really am a salt water baby after all! haha.  

It turns out I should have kept sailing 5 days a week and hitting up the gym a couple of days also.  Not sure how I was meant to fit that in with life and work!   The main reason I was not diagnosed when younger like most is because I was so strong and that kept the pain away!  So once this core of mine is a bit happier I am definitely going to be back out on the water.  Sailing is clearly going to be part of the management process of my hyper mobility.   

Keep on going

Today in the mail I received a reminder. A reminder of what I am working so hard for and why I put up with both my knees currently being taped up due to my joints not liking increased exercise. I am working hard with my physio to find a way to manage my joints. It is involving a lot of Pilates at this stage and unfortunately this week my knees haven’t liked the treadmill at all even taking it easy. I have a goal and I’m going to reach that goal. I am proud of my history as a female skipper and boat owner. My goal is so simple = to be able to sail. Slow and steady. I have to believe I will get back out there and still have the skill I had when I owned Animus.


The road back to sailing

I know I have been a little quiet lately on here.  The good news is I have been very busy as my Physio and I have been working together on equipment based Pilates.    This has led to me being able to join the local gym and do even more mat based Pilates to slowly rebuild the core that I damaged some time ago.

I really am enjoying being back at the gym on a regular basis and making time for me.  I am slowly introducing some cardio work into it as my core strengthens but need to take it slow so I do not damage the core again.   Last time I went sailing I thought everything was ok and damaged my back considerably.   I don’t want to go through that again but honestly can’t wait to go sailing soon.

As much as I love umpiring, coaching, race officer roles etc I do belong on something that has sails.  Bring on next summer!   Which means I have winter to work on that core and rebuild.  YAY!