Who am I?

I am lucky enough to live in Sydney Australia spending as much time as possible on the amazing Sydney Harbour.

My family purchased DeckHardware in 2006, we distribute Sailing and Marine products in our region. I grew up sailing on family and friends yachts as well as competing in Manly Juniors and Flying 11’s out of Middle Harbour Yacht Club and Manly 16′ Skiff Sailing Club. At the age of 22 I purchased my first yacht Animus an Adams 10m raced out of MHYC with a number of my crew from MH16′ Skiff Club, so we had both clubs on the stern. I have since had to sell Animus to help grow DeckHardware.

I am also learning to live with Hypermobility and spending a great deal of time at the Physio to improve my core strength. I also love music, having played a number of instruments over the years studying music after the HSC.

Should you wish to contact me please fill out the below:

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Thanks for the follow Melissa, really appreciated and ‘Welcome aboard’. If you have any requests or suggestions just let me know. Sydney harbour is fantastic, you lucky thing to live there. Enjoy your week, MM 🍀

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