The road back to sailing

I know I have been a little quiet lately on here.  The good news is I have been very busy as my Physio and I have been working together on equipment based Pilates.    This has led to me being able to join the local gym and do even more mat based Pilates to slowly rebuild the core that I damaged some time ago.

I really am enjoying being back at the gym on a regular basis and making time for me.  I am slowly introducing some cardio work into it as my core strengthens but need to take it slow so I do not damage the core again.   Last time I went sailing I thought everything was ok and damaged my back considerably.   I don’t want to go through that again but honestly can’t wait to go sailing soon.

As much as I love umpiring, coaching, race officer roles etc I do belong on something that has sails.  Bring on next summer!   Which means I have winter to work on that core and rebuild.  YAY!

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