Back to taking it easy

I did it well and truly this past week. Just doing normal every day things I managed to put my back out of alignment… This happens when I am weak from exercise and not able to support my joints as much as I need to. It is a tricky situation as to be strong enough to hold myself together I do have to spend time at the gym weakening my muscles to get stronger… As a result I now have a sprained back.

So this past week has seen me able to do very little the first few days. I am now back to walking in the pool at a slow pace and hope to be able to get back into Pilates this coming week as I miss it! The good news is it has been longer this time since I last did it which means all the hard work is paying off and I am improving. I just wish it wouldn’t happen at all! Two trips to the Physio in one week is more than enough!

Lucky for me this weekend is a Long Weekend so I can focus on taking it easy and repairing slowly. This really is so hard to do as I would love nothing better than to go to the gym for a good two hours or even a sail in some good breeze. Instead it is the little things once more that count…

Enjoy the Long Weekend those who have one. Lets hope the recovery time sees me stronger on the other side.

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