A weekend to get away

IMG_0964On the weekend I headed to Canberra for a bit of a break to recharge the batteries.  Why Canberra a few of my friends said especially given the time of year? Well there was a little fun to be had.  It has been a very busy year and it was time to take a break and enjoy myself a little.

Friday evening I arrived just in time to stop by the Canberra International Music Festival and the National Carillon. It was FREEZING but well worth stopping by to listen to.

It was the first time I had heard the Carillon and it certainly was remarkable to listen too in such a setting.


Saturday morning was the start of the Shitbox Rally and coming from a family that loves cars it was a bit of fun to see the effort put into the event.  Not only by the organisers but participants too!

So what is the Shitbox Rally? Here is an excerpt from their Facebook page “It’s a rally, but what is different about this one is that we take shitty cars and see if we can drive them across Australia. During this time we will truly experience the Australian outback and have a hell of a laugh along the way.

This rally is for those that want to have an adventure, that crave something different, something memorable, but most importantly, it’s for those who want to raise much needed money for charity.

Many of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it be parents, family, close friends, people we know or ourselves that have battled or are battling cancer, this all too common disease has touched us all. We not only want to raise awareness and money for the Cancer Council, but we want to be able to offer support and a friendly ear to those that have suffered or are suffering.”

IMG_1057I had a great time wandering around checking out the different vehicles chosen by those taking part!

Once I left the cars I headed to the Australian War Memorial. It was as you can imagine an experience I won’t forget with their latest exhibits telling so many stories of our past. What did however catch me off guard was the photo of my Great Uncle Jim in one of the galleries.  Larger than life on the wall the photo of him sitting at the ABC news desk.  No one in the family knew it was there!


I then headed back to my hotel for a simply amazing late lunch/dinner before heading out to a Canberra International Music Festival Concert.  A double quartet which was so nice to sit back and enjoy! Such varying styles of music played as well which was fascinating the skill shown by the musicians.

Sunday Morning I headed to the National Museum of Australia for a stroll around to see what is currently on exhibit. I wish I had a full day to spend here to take it all in.  Sadly outside was closed due to strong winds that were causing some branches to fall in the surrounding areas! Talk about windy and cold! What a way to spend the morning, History, Old Cars, musical instruments and boats! After hearing the conditions I of course as a sailor had to go have a look for myself.  Great short chop and a big breeze in cold weather and rain.  NOT sailing conditions!

IMG_1078Before heading home to Sydney I stopped via the Old Bus Depot Markets to get my mum a few Mother’s day treats and a bit of lunch before heading home.  Fudge, Three flavours of honey and some stone baked bread! YUM!

It may have been just a short weekend away but it was so good to do something different and not work related for a change! I really should remember to do that more often…

The question is where to next time? Sailing, Music, Cars, Good Food, is a good way to spend a weekend.

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