So busy and so excited

SSE_Logo-smallWhat a roller coaster the last few weeks have been.  It was never going to be easy launching a Sydney Sailboat Expo and I was well aware of this.  Wow have I been over whelmed with support I have received.  It was great to finish last week by announcing some Founding Sponsors.  They start with DeckHardware who of course have been in from the beginning as it is my families business.  boaTEC who do some fantastic work with Carbon and play on both big a little fun boats.  MacDiarmid Sails and Rigging which is run by a friend who I first met at MHYC when we were kids sailing MJ’s against each other.  As well as Ronstan who do a lot for the sport both in Australia and Overseas.  The fact that these companies believe in me and what we are trying to achieve is fantastic.

Sailing really is a small world as we all know.  It was no surprise though when I received a message of support from someone I met and became friends with when we were kids sailing Flying 11’s.  Suellen is the founder of LiveSailDie a fantastic website all about our support.  I am so excited to have them onboard as a media partner for the Sydney Sailboat Expo helping out with our website and media.  You can read more about their involvement here.

We are almost finished our application forms and you will start to see many more companies, classes and clubs being added to our website.  It is an exciting time and I can’t wait to start organising all the special activities we will have happening and what our MC Randy will be doing.  Watch this space!  I also will start working on what sort of sponsorship we will be looking for to make this the best Sailing Expo it can be.  Time to get out there and spread the word!

I really must thank my friends and team for all their support.  Without the occasional kick to get me motivated when it gets tricky or just to put me back on the right path when I am overwhelmed with the workload, I could not do it without you all. Special thanks also to my parents as we now cope with both mum and I balancing the work load of the Sydney Sailboat Expo and DeckHardware.  So thank you for helping me make this happen!




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