CHS Sailing

The CHS is an amazing event that I did for many years as a teenager.  One that attracts a huge variety of classes each year.

Here is a little story on the special event that was put together during the CHS by the DeckHardware team.   When I competed in the CHS there were several different functions during the week and I decided this year to put one together.  It was a great deal of work but something that was well worth it as the night was well received by everyone.  I can not thank those enough who helped me out with the function.  I especially wish to thank those who attended as special guests:  Liesl Tesch, Karyn Gojnich, Lindsay Stead, James Burman and the Sailing Chix – Nix and Nic.  I couldn’t have put together the night without your support and enthusiasm along with those who could not attend but wished me good luck telling me to go for it.

Series results

For a bunch of photos head over to the DeckHardware Facebook page.

The Special Guests on stage
The Van setup at the CHS

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