16 Nationals

Nath Wilmot on the Second Last Day

Yesterday I had the chance to head down to Manly to watch some old friends compete in the 16′ Skiff Nationals. Lee Knapton and the crew of Brydens had already taken out the championship. We actually talked to Lee that morning on Sailing Chix. In second place was my oldest friend Nath Wilmot who we also talked to that morning. He was sailing on Hubble with the skiff legend Peter Hubble.  Congratulations to both crews it is fantastic to see Lee and Nath still battling each other at the front of the Fleet!  Another title from Lee as this one just slipped out of Nath’s reach.  I am sure in the future he will get the chance to be the 16’s Champion.


The crew of Bryden’s had remarkable pace off the start line. They then ended up in the drink thanks to a broken shackle. The point of this story is massive. Even though they had won the series Lee was prepared as always and had a shackle in his life jacket. What do you carry? They were able to fix it and fight their way back through the fleet showing just how good they are.

Fire Stopping

It was great to catch up with so many of my old Flying 11 friends.  I grew up sailing as a teenager at Manly 16′ Skiff Club and I am still a member there so many years later.  This past season we at DeckHardware have supported the Fire Stopping team.  All very old friends of mine who despite this put together the best sponsorship proposal I have seen in years!  It wasn’t their regatta but it was great to see the three of them on the water together!

Link to the images I took on Facebook.


Check out the short video I took on the day!

Start Line Action

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