There is Sun in London!

There is Sun in London!

What a day.
It was very exciting to hear first thing this morning that Sarah’s Cafe has won the True Local Business awards. YAY for Sarah!

Today I have seen lots of things. Yet again I did not get around to lunch. Just some biscuits and water during the day as there was so much to do. I’m now in the room where I can access the internet and my goodness is it a nice room. Oh and the bag on the bed has already died thanks to a broken strap. Damn eh. There is also a couch to sit on. The best part of course is the bath. I might just try it out later tonight.

This photo is from last night when the sun was going down. It really was an amazing view.
So much to see but of course the best bits you can not take photos of. Like the Crown Jewels and the Tower of London or the Queens Gallery at Buckingham Palace. Now that was incredible. I have never seen so much Gold in all my life! Seriously incredible. The art work was amazing as well but I still can not get over the jewels. The was one crown which was several centuries old and a favourite of the Queens Mother which was amazing.

The bus I have a pass for takes me all around London to see the major sights and has tour guides chatting away. It has been easy to do because of this and there are lots more photos obviously. Here is some:

To the right we have Trafalgar Square.

And to the left is the front of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Lot’s more below!

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