In London

I’m in London

Well I made it here. Managed to get 4 seats to myself on the plane for the longer part of the trip too!

My phone is now working but please only send sms due to the cost… Argh.

Today I went for a walk along Oxford street and saw the most important thing. THE DISNEY STORE! Yes it was amazing to finally see a two story one. It was sad though and I could not bring myself to get anything. The gloves were not what I was after and I would have bought far too many socks if I had bought things…

I then jumped on my two day bus tour and went around a fair part of London to work out where I want to actually get off tomorrow and have a closer look. Some pretty cool stuff and whilst chatting on the phone just now I had bagpipes in the back ground with the sun going down with the lights on the Parliament! Very cool realisation that i am here.

Anyway tomorrow is a huge day and I am exhausted from the flight but have managed to not sleep yet! YAY!

I should have internet sorted in my room tomorrow (they are moving me) so will be able to do pictures etc then hopefully.


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