Following to learn

In a world full of competition for sporting coverage I have to say that Supercars are doing a pretty awesome job when it comes to updates for Fans and Sponsors alike. Supercars themselves with things like Supercars Life which is a great series on Foxtel along with all their social media is great to follow. The drivers are also doing a fantastic job remembering to thank sponsors, do live feeds on social media about their race day, ensuring logos are seen in videos or photos, entertaining posts to keep followers engaged etc.

I think a lot of other sports could learn a thing or two from following other sports like this whether you like car racing or not. I follow a lot of different sports to get ideas (plus I just love to follow sports) and see what is happening and this is seriously impressive at the moment.

Behind the scenes and showing that it is a family affair in many cases is a great idea.

Women who Sail

Where did March go? All of a sudden it was April and time to head to the Women Who Sail Australia Gathering on the Bay. After missing out last year this event had been in the Calendar for some time and one I was looking forward to.

Hanging out with 100+ like-minded sailing women is an experience that cannot be described. I think Jackie Parry has summed it up pretty well so I will leave you with her words on that.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to talk about rope care and choice as part of the talks. Trying to do this in just over 30mins certainly is a mission let alone finding time to mention maintenance tips and tricks on everything else we do! I hope I was able to shed a little light on the topic for those in the room.  With technology constantly changing I find Rope a fascinating topic at the moment.

On the Saturday night I had the pleasure of asking the Panel questions at the Dinner. The panel consisted of Lauren Gallaway, Jackie Parry and Lin Pardey. How fun it was to ask them about superstitions, places they never expected to go and their best tips!

For me the best part was finding out just a little about those in the room. You just never know till you open the cover what you will find!


Never stop learning

Just this morning I attended another seminar which is what has reminded me of everything I want to do. I am lucky enough that I live and work within Warringah Council who have a great Chamber of Commerce setup. It was surprising though I must admit that I was only one of 12 people in the room? A big thanks to Warringah Chamber of Commerce and Industry for putting together some great events for small businesses.

Those who work in Small Businesses will understand this one. The more you do and the more you learn the more there is to learn. DeckHardware is just a small family business and I like to try to keep up on the latest Technology, Laws, Marketing ideas, Products etc as much as possible. It seems though that my list of what I would like to do and learn just keeps getting longer rather than shorter! I see this all as self – growth though which is always good. There is still all the work that needs to be done on a daily basis and all this just adds to the work I do at home after hours and on weekends. After all the real work of running a business and earning enough to keep going has to come first.

The life of those in a small business is an interesting one. The long hours can be tough sometimes and in particular the lack of holidays. Over the past two weekends we have had public holidays in Australia which meant I got to work at home rather than at the warehouse. Which was great as I could focus for a few hours at a time.

It is a well-publicised fact that business owners struggle with a work life balance and I will admit that I do. I am lucky to have a handful of friends who have stood by me and supported me since we bought the business. Over the past few months I have been back working a little more rather than getting out on the water but that was in part due to a fractured foot. It is now healing fairly well and only getting a little stiff and sore when I do too much too soon. So over winter I have decided to focus more on getting my health back on track which will take away some time from volunteering on the water unfortunately. I hope though that I am then able to get out sailing this coming summer to work on that balance just a little bit better. Now that I have been officially diagnosed as Hyper Mobile it is getting a little easier to manage which is great.

Now don’t get me wrong I love my business and I love the research that I do for it I just love it. I just wish I could find the time or money to spend on some of the things I would love to do for DeckHardware as well as have a life. In the meantime I will continue to work on it and watch the business as it changes and grows. I am sure many of the things I would love to do will happen in time! So many dreams for our small family business and I am lucky to have so much support. Even as I type this I am watching our Facebook likes grow closer and closer to 1500 people. That I am extremely proud of!