2014 – it’s been a busy start

2014 started with us doing slightly reduced hours at the warehouse to have a bit of time out of the office. As a small family business it can be hard to get a break. At the same time Phil and the DeckHardware Van have spent almost every day at the Sabot Nationals as a Silver sponsor and doing some regatta support. This went so well and was appreciated so much that he has been asked to come back to Drummoyne and spend some more time there for the 13 and 16 foot Skiff Nationals. I’m glad to see the idea we had of regatta support is being appreciated so much when we are involved with events.

The 16′ Skiffs will see good friends and DeckHardware Ambassadors in action along with many other boats who use our product. This week we return to normal hours but having said that we really haven’t been working any less as yesterday Robyn and I were working on laptops in front of the Cricket! Time to start working on a new price list as the dollar changes and suppliers come out with new year pricing. There’s always so much to do.

It’s been fun to spend a few extra hours around the house as for Christmas we got two kittens! We can’t have a dog as we are on a main road with no fence and unfortunately over the last two years we had lost our previous cats to old age and cancer. We are pretty excited to welcome Gus and Max to our home. The best part of Christmas was bringing them home from the Animal Welfare League.



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