Trying something new!

Who would have thought that I have been umpiring for over a year now! So much has happened over the past year it is incredible and I am very lucky. What still matters most as always is being on the water.

Melissa Yeomans

This weekend I am trying something new!  It is no secret that sailing and me at the moment don’t go so well together.   Hyper mobile reduces what your joints can take and tightens up your muscles around your joints.    So when I sail I weaken these muscles and can then find myself unable to stand up straight.  Not a good look although funny for those who got to see me like this the last time I sailed a Laser. Due to not being able to sail as much I have had to look at what else I can do to remain on the water.  Being on the water and involved in Sailing is a part of who I am and have always been.

Last week doing the Powerboat handling course was just the start of that!

This weekend I try something new for the very first time!   I am getting…

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