Sydney Harbour

I am so lucky to live in Sydney.  Days like this remind me why that is as winter turns the sky an amazing blue.  The Harbour too shows off the varying depths and colours.  I could watch the Harbour for hours as it changes through the day.

Sydney Harbour in Winter
Sydney Harbour in Winter
Middle Harbour in Winter
Middle Harbour in Winter

I am hoping the weather stays beautiful as once again this Saturday I am umpiring at the CYCA.   Last week was week one of the Capt John Piper regatta with this week the finals.  It has been a busy few weeks as prior to that we also had the East Coast Champs at MHYC my home club.  Which was a full weekend on the start boat and in the protest room on a Sunday night to hear a couple of protests.

The conditions on the Saturday of the East Coast Champs were interesting with light breeze and a big seaway out on the sound as the video shows.

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