Pittwater High Schools Teams Racing

Over the weekend I umpired over 60 teams races.   On Saturday we were lucky to have Arthur Spithill and Ian Humphries along with Murray Gordon and myself.  Sunday Murray and I were back and we threw Oscar Stranack into the deep end for the full day and he did a great job!  He even got to umpire two lots of Finals as we had a tie for 1st and 4th after two round robins.

Saturday we had to wait for the breeze to fill in and that was with a late start.  I guess I should not give the PRO a hard time as it was my father haha.   It was tricky conditions over the weekend with East to South East breeze flicking around a lot.  Sunday was fairly similar with more than a few course changes to make things interesting.

Breeze coming in – at Pittwater

The winning team came down to a best of three finals with Mater Maria and Pittwater High fighting it out and even though Mater Maria won Pittwater were in it till the finish.  It was great to see several Girls Schools out there competing as well!  There was even mention of a competitor helping out those new to the sport whilst racing against each other.  Fantastic!  There were several teams that had a few people completely new to the sport out there giving it a go.  And what a great looking weekend to do it.

Pre Start Chat among the team

I didn’t get the chance to take a photo but I must comment on the Jellyfish.  They were MASSIVE!!!

This week is a big week yet again with both my Co-Hosts from Sailing Chix with Nix having their birthdays!

Happy Birthday Chix!

I am also hoping to head over to the 18’s who are competing at the JJ’s with my good camera to watch for a day or two.   Then Sunday sees me back umpiring some Teams Racing again.  This time it is the Opti’s for just the one day.  For now I am in the office catching up on some work, designing some advertising for DeckHardware and catching up on the America’s Cup action from over the weekend that I missed.

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