Manly Relay for Life

I had an amazing time with some pretty special people over the weekend at Manly Relay for Life. Helping out with the Nix & Johnny Show! You are all amazing people for being there and Nix you were awesome! To think you both pulled off an almost 19hr show was amazing.

To have high profile politicians telling you that you should make it commercially was amazing. I can’t wait to get on air with you and Nic Douglass! Georgia Llewellyn did an awesome job on air when we talked about our new Sailing Chix with Nix show too! Definitely one of our junior Sailing Chix. So proud to be a part of it all.

Check out the photos on the Nix & Johnny Page! Nix and Johnny Show

The target of $175000 was reached with money still coming in to the Manly Relay for life page.

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