Hanging with the Australian Sonar Sailing Team

On Friday I was given the chance by a friend of mine to join him on the coach boat for the Australian Sailing Sonar Team. I had helped coach Grant find some people to spend the weekend training against. On the Friday it was members of the CYCA match racing squads who joined us for a sail out to the heads and back before work on starts began. It certainly was great to watch the match racers who are experts at one on one starts match it against the Sonar Team in the final stages of their preparation for the Paralympics just a few weeks away.

The biggest thing about Friday was I GOT A PARKING SPOT! Anyone who has been to the CYCA knows how hard it can be to get a spot outside the clubs! I could not believe my luck this time around. It was a good thing as I had three rolls of shockcord for Sturrocks and a few things for the Sonar team as well.

Saturday I headed out once again on an umpire boat at the CYCA this time with Ian Humphries followed by Kinsgley once more. The breeze really was testing as it was so light at times. Once again I am so thankful to the Umpires who have welcomed me into their fold and offered support and assistance as well as their friendship! Special thanks to Ian and Erica!!! Who have been in touch with me outside just seeing each other at the events. I also dropped by the Sonar guys afterwards to see how their day had gone.

Sunday was back over that way again for the third day in a row! This time to see my friends who were heading out as the Sonar Training partners. What a big day for young Emma! We also had to work out what other PROtect Tape the guys needed to make the Sonar Rock!

Just another big three days…


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