A big night in Sailing

The Australian Sailing Team last night proved they are well on their way to Gold at London 2012.  4 Golds, 1 Silver and a Bronze in Weymouth!  What a fantastic effort by the team!   Check out who they are on the Australian Sailing Team website.

A huge thanks and congratulations to the folks on Sail For Gold Radio who did a fantastic job on the Commentary!   Following it on Twitter whilst listening to their great commentary was almost as good as watching live video!

Sponsoring the Australian Sailing Team with our Liros Rope has been a huge commitment by us at DeckHardware.   It is great to see them getting such fantastic results and it makes the hard work to be able to afford to sponsor them more worth while.  We are also extremely thankful to Pietro from PROtect Tapes who has also been supplying members of the team with what they need.  It truly has been such a fantastic support of not only us but the Australian Sailing Team.  Thank you Pietro!   For those who have not seen it yet check out the PROtect Tapes 49er Kit put together by the PROtect Tapes team and Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen.

As the London Olympics get closer I realise I will need a lot of coffee to join the online twitter cheer squad each night.  A huge shout out to @mainsheetmeda, @nic_douglass, @soueaster on a fantastic effort last night!  #goaussies #AussieSailorsRock

Join us on twitter!  @deckhardware

Also a big thanks to @craigheydon and @AusSailingTeam

I have some big days and nights in my future with the Sydney International Boat Show happening at the same time as the London Olympics.   I hope you will join me in the late nights cheering on our Olympic Sailors in their quests for Gold!  We all should be so proud of the efforts and sacrifices that they, their coaches, managers, physios, sponsors, family, friends and all who support them in their quest to do the best they can.

I hope the Australian Media realise how big this could be for Australian Sailing and that they show more support for our fantastic sport and our amazing representatives.   They do us proud and deserve more recognition.

I don’t want a repeat of last time.  Being promised by the networks that the medal race would be shown live only to have to find a way to watch it online whilst several news crews watched the family and friends of Nathan Wilmot cram around a laptop to enjoy the moment that they too were all a part of.

It takes many people to climb a mountain.   It truly is a team effort so thank you to those sailors who have also recognised our contribution to their goals.  We are just a small company trying to do what we can for people we believe in.   A special thanks to Nath and Goobs for keeping us all hanging in the Medal race.   I could not ask for more from two people we sponsor.  You always do your best to ensure your sponsors are acknowledged so thank you.   It makes a big difference.

#goaussies   #AussieSailorsRock

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