For the love of sailing

This summer due to my Hyper Mobile I have not been sailing much.  But to keep myself on the water which is like a drug for me, I have turned to jumping in a Rescue Boat or Start boat at the Local Club.  In the mornings they coach the kids and some new adults wanting to get into the sport.   Then in the afternoons the racing for the older ones and adults goes ahead.   In the mornings you often have Sabots, Herons and Lasers.  In the afternoon there is always a good fleet of Herons and Lasers.

Not being able to sail has been interesting but I have found that I have really enjoyed the opportunity I have had this season to help out with some coaching and course laying.  Having not done a great deal of coaching I am happy to stand back and let the guys who have been doing it for years take control and help out where needed.   I have noticed a few of the wives coming to me as I stand quietly aside.   Realising I know a little they then start to ask questions.   With husbands or children into the sport it is great to see them wanting to learn and get involved.  It is even better when they start to ask even more questions as they start keeping up with the fleet.

ImageThere is nothing better then seeing a big smile on someones face as they simply enjoy their time on the water!

To those who started sailing this summer welcome to our awesome sport!  See you on the water soon!

Georgia Sailing past with a big smile!

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