Footy season is almost here

What a way to start a weekend.  Waking up and turning on the TV to watch Manly play in the World Cup Challenge.  I can not wait for the season to start and to go to some Brookie home games.   Manly did not get the win but after a rusty start showed they were getting back into the swing of things in the second half.   I must say I know they have short in goals over there but seriously what was with the state of the ground?  Talk about sand!   And to think they get rain over there?   In fact it was raining during the game…   Just glad it looks like there were no major injuries despite playing on a ground like that.  Pretty sure there were some complaints about other grounds last season that looked much better than that…  Oh well it is done now.   Manly just have to defend the Premiership and get back there to give it another go!   They won last time against Leeds just wasn’t to be this time.   It was actually pretty surprising the amount of rain during the game.  You could hardly tell in the coverage except when they showed one angle of the sky.

For those of you wondering I am a Sea Eagles Supporter born and bred.   Working and living so close to Brookie how could I not be!   Check out their memberships.  I have been told that my family would bleed maroon and white  haha.  We are one of those houses that in the last finals series had flags out on the front deck proudly flying.  Growing up my parents always had Grand Final Party’s as during my childhood Manly made and won some great grand finals.  But there is nothing better than standing on the hill with your closest friends when Brookie is at ground capacity.  A suburban ground at its best.

Now for the rest of the weekend.  A bit of work today whilst taking it easy and possibly if it is not too warm I might make a batch of my favourite cup cakes.   Choc Chip ones with chocolate icing.   yummy. I make them every now and then and put them in the freezer so they do not get eaten all at once!

Then bring on tomorrow, a day on the water.  No doubt it will rain and not be a black noreaster…  A girl can hope though!

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