Is it snow?

My family and I once did the trip to Canberra to see snow. I know I was young but really do not remember it. So you can imagine my surpise whilst sitting on the train to Versailles I realised it was snowing outside! What made it more exciting was as I got off the train the amount increased and the sky really did look amazing. I never expected to see this in Paris. Of course this made it a little cold and wet wandering around a palace outdoors. Ok more than a little.

Versailles was amazing. Although I must say the gardens were not much after Hampton Court but I guess you can not have everything. The amount of Gold was incredible as was the hall of mirrors. Very cool indeed. Of course whilst you are there you forget to look up at the painted ceilings with all sorts of scenes from history or myth. Just to add to what you are looking at.

Never have I seen so much Gold.

Now if you do not know this place then there is something wrong. The Louvre. I only got a couple of hours to starting wandering this MASSIVE place. Yes that is the best way to describe it.

I managed to spend a bit of time with the Egyptian artifacts as I figure there are way to massive to ever visit Australia. They really are big and heavy some of those stone carvings.

I doubt I will have time but I would love to spend more time here.

Dinner tonight was lovely Brie, Lettuce and Bread. Oh so cheap after paying for the rum last night…

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