I made it to Ireland

I made it to Ireland

Much to my surprise I actually made it to Ireland. No thanks to the door on the plane which did not wish to leave London. It wanted to stay attached to the airport and not leave… So in the end I was about an hour late to Ireland which was not fun at all sitting on a plane.

The last two days have involved literally being driven across Ireland then lots of time again in the car to see very cool places like the Cliffs of Moher. Below are some shots. I have only just got back to where I am staying and it is 8pm! Just a bit of a long day sitting in a car to see the sights. It was worth it though. Some of the places are absolutely beautiful. On the way back stopping at a pub to watch the sunset go down over a simply beautiful bay to have a drink was a great way to finish the day. Now for dinner!

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