My week so far

I have just spent the last three days doing the instructors course at Middle Harbour Yacht Club.  It was nice to finally tick that off the list as it is something I have been meaning to do for a long time but just not had the chance.  Having already done the Powerboat Handling and First Aid this was the next thing on my list.  Great to be able to say after over 20yrs I now can call myself an Instructor.   The course was certainly beneficial especially for someone like me who does not remember learning how to sail.   So trying to put myself in a learners shoes is not something I can easily relate to.  So to have the guidelines to go by will certainly make it a whole lot easier for me to help out those new to our sport!

I must admit that yesterday I was pretty lucky to be on the water.  Great blue sky and even better was the fact that it was a Nor’easter!  


Now to pack the van for Belmont and the Yachting NSW Youth Championships, unpack a Liros Shipment this afternoon, go to the rules night at the club tonight for a refresh, pack myself for Belmont. Then head up to the youth states on Friday.

At this stage there are 196 competitors for the NSW Youth Champs.  That is amazing!  Dad is the RO for Course Area B and at this stage I am on the Pin boat.  We have the Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Flying 11, 420 and 29’er fleets!

29er 15

420 13

Bic Techno 293 3

Flying 11 43

Flying Ant 4

Laser 4.7 17

Laser Radial 20

Open BIC 8

Optimist 45

Optimist – Silver Fleet 5

Sabot 23


Bit on….

Check out the Youth Champs Website.

So much happening at the moment

Over the weekend I did the Powerboat Training course run by Yachting NSW.    Our instructor Kingsley, did a great job and I recommend the course to even those who have had their licence for a long time like I have.  Especially if you spend a bit of time in RIBS on the race course.    There were many things I did on instinct and had never really thought through why I do it that way, I just do.   It was great to spend a few hours each day on the water in different boats as well.    Every boat behaves differently so having the opportunity to drive some other boats was fantastic.   Practising laying marks and staying on location near a MOB (Man Over Board) was also an interesting exercise.  Plenty of theory thrown in too which was good and our instructor did a great job balancing it between the knowledge of those doing the course.

Here are the course details for those who are interested:

Powerboat Training

Yachting NSW runs two courses from the National Power boating Scheme, both of which can benefit clubs and instructors.

Training club members in the safe and effective use of powerboats will ensure that they can provide a safe sailing environment, perform basic maintenance and equipment care, and reduce potential damage to club and member equipment.

Yachting NSW offers the Power Boat Handling qualification to members and clubs. This is an essential qualification for completing their instructor qualifications, and is highly recommended for club officials.


The biggest news though is our new DeckHardware Ambassadors!

Fire Stopping 16ft Skiff Team

I’m extremely excited to announce that the Fire Stopping 16ft skiff team has joined the DeckHardware Ambassadors.  The entire crew of Fire Stopping are old friends from my years at MHYC and Manly 16′ Skiff Sailing Club in Flying Elevens.  The team have been using some of our products and recently sent us one of the best sponsorship proposals we have seen in a long time.  Plus James Bury went to the effort of changing his profile picture on facebook to be the DeckHardware logo for several days to make sure the deal was done.   The Fire Stopping 16ft skiff team is a fantastic addition to our Ambassadors and I can not wait to be involved in their winter maintenance before the big season ahead.

Ambassadors – Fire Stopping 16ft skiff team

Fire Stopping 16ft skiff team has been at the forefront of 16ft skiff sailing for over 10 years, sailing from the Manly 16ft Skiff sailing club, with most of our club races being held on the northern most part of Sydney Harbour, the skiff team has been successful in past seasons, winning the Australian 16ft skiff championship in both seasons 2007/2008 and again in 2008/2009, Fire Stopping 16ft skiff team has also won the 2009/2010 and the 2010/2011 NSW state championship.