18’s came to visit us at DeckHardware

Yesterday I headed over to the 18’s as Team Southern Cross launched their boat for the start of a new season after a massive refurb!   The boat spent two days at our warehouse along with skipper Ollie Hartas getting ready for the big day.  Ollie has been a DeckHardware Ambassador for a number of years and it is always great to be able to support someone who appreciates it!  The previous weekend we also had the UK Team visit the warehouse and spend more than a few hours working on their boat along with my radio co-host Nic aka Adventures of a Sailor Girl.  Nic and I had spent the morning on air with Sailing Chix with Nix before heading down to the warehouse to help the guys out.  Nic only planned on being there for a few hours but ended up staying for the day!

Photos from Yesterday as the teams rigged and got to go sailing!

Launching Celebrations

It is great to see a couple of 18’s with Liros, DeckHardware and Allen stickers on them in the fleet now!   A big thank you to Cam McDonald who does a lot of work for the skiffs and uses our products also.   Cam sails onboard the Kitchen Maker and was rigging alongside the two boats who have spent time at our warehouse recently.   You know you are supporting the right people when they greet you so warmly and are so glad that you are there to watch them launch their boats.  Being just a small family business we really feel like our Ambassadors and those who support us are a BIG part of the DeckHardware Team.

The UK Team and Team Southern Cross
The UK Team and Team Southern Cross