Man Ship proves popular at Sanctuary Cove

Another year up at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is done.   This has to have been our best in years with the people we spoke to having not only knowledge but enthusiasm for our products.   This makes the time for those of us on the stand pass so quickly.   A huge thanks to Mark Gray for helping set up the stand and work out with us how to fit it all in the space.   For two years now Ben King has flown in to help us as well.   We could not do it without Ben, not only is it the extra set of hands but his knowledge is invaluable.

Many of the people we spoke with were owner builders.  I hope you share with us on our facebook page your progress.   For those whose contact details we have for Man Ship Quotes we will be in touch shortly.   Please ensure you have a look at our Quote forms as to what we require to make this process as quick and painless as possible.  Man Ship is all Custom made and was extremely popular this year at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Man ship Marine and Hardware Co. Ltd, is a well known and respected manufacturer of chandlery and hardware for the international boatbuilding industry and watersport market since 1982.  Man Ships expanding product line includes stainless hatches, stainless portholes, stainless dorades, aluminium boat windows, and yacht fitting.  With skilled craftsman Man Ship Marine are experienced in producing one-off orders in stainless steel (304 or 316), Aluminum extrusions, Aluminum Castings, Zinc and Bronze Castings.

Up next for the DeckHardware Team will be the Sydney International Boat Show.   This year we will be on stand 316 in Hall 3 next to the stage.   We will have a big team assisting us this year on a nice big stand so make sure you stop by and see us!

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 2012 (SCIBS) – Visitor numbers in total were up 1.6%, coming in at 37,094 over the four days.

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Getting ready to head north to Sanctuary Cove

Just two weeks till I head north to Sanctuary Cove for the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.   Once again Ben will be joining us from Tassie which will be great to catch up!  There is so much to do to get ready for a boat show in another state.  We are so lucky to have someone like Ben who is willing to fly up and join us to help out.

It will be a big show for DeckHardware as we have a fair few new brands.  DeckHardware will be showing Drainman, Houdini, Sanol and TBS for the first time in Australia!

Check out the new DeckHardware brands: Drainman, Houdini, Sanol, TBS non slip

Most of the stands are almost finished with Man Ship Hatches and a few others getting their final touches at the moment.   We are busy putting together our catalogue disks as well which all takes time.  Extra business cards have already been ordered too.  The next two weeks will fly past in not time at all!

Lets hope the show is a great success for the industry!

Another birthday gone

Over the weekend I celebrated another birthday.   Not sure that celebrated is the word though.   I spent it with friends out on the water which was a nice way to do it.   I was lucky enough to be surprised by a friend who was over from WA as well!  Being the only day off last week it was a really nice way to spend the day.   How nice is the view at the end of the day!

The breeze from the South around 15 knots with some stronger gusts certainly had us on our toes with plenty of action on the water.   Plenty of capsizes and unfortunately one broken mast.  They almost managed to sail home as it was bending but we ended up towing them the last little bit when it completely broke.   Nice boat handling!

A few of the Heron Sailors were missing crew and decided to go out one-up which was fun to watch in that breeze!  They did an awesome job especially the young girls!   Nice work girls!  I am about to load the videos to our YouTube page.

I made myself a yummy cheesecake to celebrate and it went down very nicely for lunch with those who joined me.   There was a plain vanilla/lemon one and a cherry with chocolate base version.  Big thanks to Goughy, Liz, Kate and Ben who dropped in even though they weren’t sailing!!!

There is so much going on at DeckHardware at the moment.  I really need to duplicate myself I think!   Phil is back in the office for the week before he heads off yet again this time to Melbourne!   Then when he gets back he will be at the Access Worlds and I will be at the Combined High Schools Regatta.   So much to prepare to get ready!   Lots of signage and stock to pack.    Oh and yeah we are also still working on website as always.

Did I mention Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show is coming up?  Good friend Ben is coming up to stay in the house we have rented to help us out for the second year on the stand!  Thanks Ben!   There is a bit of work involved in getting ready for this one with sooooo many new brands to show off!  I can not wait!

ps.   Don’t mention the Manly game last night….