The future of sailing rocks with chix like these


Yesterday I had two young Teenage chix on the start boat with me at NLSC.  One has some knee trouble so couldn’t sail.  The other is her good friend and has recently asked me to spend some time with her so she can go get her powerboat licence.

I got to do the horn for the start sequence. Yep that was it! Didn’t do times, didn’t do flags, didn’t call the line, didn’t lay the line, didn’t drive the boat or pick up the marks. I just had a nice day on the start boat watching everyone enjoying a great breeze.   It was great to hear the girls talk about what sort of start line they wanted for the conditions they had.  Big shifting breeze they wanted a nice length line and tried for pin end bias.

Today one of them turns 14. Happy birthday Georgia!

The two girls are so awesome and our sports future is lucky to have young chix like them!  Not only could they run a start boat with out any problem but they were also watching competitors and discussing what they would do.  Along with directing rescue boats when we had our top Heron capsized.  It wasn’t easy conditions out there!  It certainly was a test when it was time to pick up the marks at the end of the day.


Open & Secondary Schools Team Racing Championship 2012

On the weekend I experienced an Umpire boat for the first time. I have done plenty of time on RIBS for Rescue boats and also as Race Management. This was different altogether and a great experience. On Saturday it was a wonderful surprise to see Adventures of a Sailor Girl (Nic Douglass) suddenly appear on the Start Boat.

Saturday saw not much wind which was great from my perspective as I got a handle of how to do things and when driving how and where to position the RIB. This was a false sense of security though as the breeze well and truly kicked in for Sunday and saw all the umpires on their toes. WOW is all I can really say! How to digest what I experienced is the current question.

Sunday was amazing. Watching the skill of the competitors in the breeze was fantastic.

I’d like to thank all the Umpires and those on the race course for welcoming me and allowing me to tag along and learn. Looks like I will be doing a little more of this in the future!

A big thanks to Kingsley Forbes-Smith for suggesting I give this a go.  A big thanks to my close friends and family who have supported me trying something new as well. Thanks for all your positive words of encouragement!