Westminster and National Maritime Museum

Westminster was amazing. Of course your not allowed to take photos in most of it.

The National Maritime museum did have some great stuff on Nelson and some very old artifacts but other than that it was pretty ordinary. Yes Emmett you can say ‘I told you so’. However I still did not think that the British National Maritime Museum would be that ordinary.. There was heaps of stuff on the military history and a bit of artwork but no boats other than a a couple of little things and a 49er! Yes I am serious!

Here are a couple of shots:

Today I got to see English Weather I think. Rain, Pouring Rain, Rain Etc etc. My shoes are a little blue thanks to my jeans. I guess they have never had to deal with that in Sydney! My feet were pretty wet by the end of the day but I was not going to stop sight seeing just because of funny feeling feet! So far I have been fine with the Temperature and what I have brought is well and truly more than enough to keep me warm.

Tomorrow I am hoping on getting to see Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Hampton Court. Well that is the plan anyway…