The one day holiday

It is extremely hard to get away from DeckHardware at this time of year. As we come into our busy season we have been busy behind the scenes at the same time. This week we have launched a new website which was something we had been working hard on. Then to top it off I have travelled to Europe for METSTRADE!

I landed in England and spent the day at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Convincing myself to stay awake and adjust to the Timezone was tough especially leaving Sydney on such a hot day and arriving to the rain and cold of London.  I had not been to the V&A before and it was something I had been looking forward too! I headed to the “You say you want a Revolution?” Exhibition which was absolutely fantastic.  

In some ways there is almost too much to see at a place like this. Everywhere you turn there is something more to look at. Plus the fact that there is so much kept from centuries ago.  

As I was staying just the one day and needed to ensure I got a good nights sleep I did a little research on where to stay.  I could not believe it when I booked into a hotel that mum and I stayed at years ago.  The Rubens at the Palace is such a lovely hotel with great staff and wonderful meals that are fresh and tasty.  To be honest though it is the friendly nature that makes the place. Like this morning at breakfast chatting to the Chef whilst he cooked my eggs.  So friendly and welcoming which when jet lagged makes such a big difference. A good chat helps wake you up!

So after the one day and night of Holiday I was on the train to Wickford to be picked up and taken to the Allen Factory.  We have distributed the Allen range of products for a number of years now however my dad Phil is the only one who has made it to the factory to see how they do things.  

This trip is going to be over before I know it as next I will be heading to Frankfurt for the weekend with friends before Amsterdam for METSTRADE. 

Westminster and National Maritime Museum

Westminster was amazing. Of course your not allowed to take photos in most of it.

The National Maritime museum did have some great stuff on Nelson and some very old artifacts but other than that it was pretty ordinary. Yes Emmett you can say ‘I told you so’. However I still did not think that the British National Maritime Museum would be that ordinary.. There was heaps of stuff on the military history and a bit of artwork but no boats other than a a couple of little things and a 49er! Yes I am serious!

Here are a couple of shots:

Today I got to see English Weather I think. Rain, Pouring Rain, Rain Etc etc. My shoes are a little blue thanks to my jeans. I guess they have never had to deal with that in Sydney! My feet were pretty wet by the end of the day but I was not going to stop sight seeing just because of funny feeling feet! So far I have been fine with the Temperature and what I have brought is well and truly more than enough to keep me warm.

Tomorrow I am hoping on getting to see Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Hampton Court. Well that is the plan anyway…