New DeckHardware Website!

Today we launched our brand new DeckHardware Website. The website you can now see has taken many years of hard work by the DeckHardware and Limeworks Teams. DeckHardware’s website has been looked after by the team at Limeworks since the end of 2006. During this time we have worked hard together to find the best way to promote our brands in the Australian Market place. Today what you can see is a result of this and a website that will continue to change significantly in the future as we have come up with even more ideas during this process.

Limeworks approached us a few years ago with an idea which impressed us. Since we said yes they have been working hard to put it into place. It is exciting to see the results.

We would like to thank the Limeworks team and in particular Rob for coming to us with the idea. We certainly have been looking forward to this website and are extremely happy with the results.

To visit the Limeworks website head here.