METS 2008

What a week and what a day. The trade show is over and we have a few prospects which look ok. The best part of course was meeting Suppliers who I have been dealing with for the last couple of years. That was fantastic. Especially the Forespar guys as I have been talking to Art for years almost weekly. I was amazed at the size of the show as it is just so huge. 7 halls of stuff! So much to see it was amazing and took hours to actually work out how to get around to make sure you see everything. Or at least attempt to see everything.

Today was a nice day as I got to sleep in watching it blow about 40 knots outside then had a nice chat with people on Skype before heading out for the day around midday. Yes it was great to get a full nights sleep finally!

I headed to the post office to send the catalogues back home as they weigh 8 kilos! Yes can you believe it. It was an adventure yet again on the Trams. After around an hours I found the post office which is no-where near Central Station where I am staying. Then I find out that they will only accept Credit Cards from their Country! No I am not kidding! So 50 Euro later… Which is almost 5 cheap bad meals… So all up it took me nearly 2hours to ship back this package to avoid more excess on planes and just carrying it all around.

Then later in the day when I go to get the Canal boat I find that the new credit card which mum got us should be used with a PIN over here so I can not use it at all! Yes I am serious! So my other credit card which I used to pay for things before i left is the one to use… Not much room though…

Today I was seriously cold for the first time. Ireland was bearable but here I am not so sure how they do it. Ireland also has the benefit of being a beautiful place. Today I wore thermals properly for the first time and still I had a bit of a chill. I also wore my musto jacket over a coat to get that extra layer and to cut out the wind. COLD!